InVerso is a management consulting company, specialized in innovation management and business transformation.
InVerso helps private companies and public institutions in dealing with organization, general management, finance, marketing and commercial needs. The company offers to its clients also highly technical and professional services such as research, analyses and legal extrajudicial consulting.

InVerso has a successful experience in collaborating with SMEs and large companies for grant awards programs at regional, national and European level. We can support our clients throughout the whole lifecycle of the grants, from selection of the calls for proposals that best match client needs, to preparation of financing requests, up to support on management and financial reporting.
The goal of the European Commission Digital Agenda is to make the best of information and communication technologies’ potential to enable innovation, economic growth and social progress. This is the cornerstone of InVerso’s business too. We allow private companies and public institutions to re-design their business processes through an effective use of new digitalization tools, to be more agile in the market and cut operating expenses.
InVerso’s team includes highly skilled resources with extensive Project Management experience. We offer our clients interim management and training on the job services on complex innovation and business transformation projects.
A successful innovation needs an effective communication strategy: InVerso may help you with web marketing skills and events organization.
InVerso supports innovation and change management strategies of its clients through the design and execution of tailored training courses on topics as business processes design, grant awards programs, digitalization, complex project management, business networks.
Business Networks are a crucial success factor for the development of a stronger Italian business structure. We are very active in this new field and we can leverage successful experiences in Business Networks management, from network contract set-up to daily operations.

Examples of success

ASET is an innovation project made to safeguard some important archives, preserved by the Ministry of Economic Development, that are in precarious conditions and locations, by moving them in the Italian Central State Archive and digitalizing the most important documents to disseminate the memory of the special measures the South Italy development, one of the most important chapters of the Italian political and economic history.


NEMESYS (Network Enterprise Ecosystem Management ) is a research and development project aiming at creating an innovative platform of advanced services that can provide support to companies and business enterprise networks in their start up and growth phases. It helps both the enterprise competitiveness and the environmental sustainability by implementing "paperless" business processes, in compliance with Italian and international regulatory aspects. NEMESYS also supports enterprises for internationalization and it promotes technological innovation through the use of cloud technologies and low impact of adoption thanks to the agile solution integration with legacy systems .


Pro.C.I.D.A. - Project for Certified Identity in the Digital Agenda - is a research and development project aiming at developing a new generation of services based on innovative mechanisms to identify users and their secure access to online services, with the objective of promoting cooperation digital between PA, organizations and individuals .

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